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Garage Mahal Recording Studio is a professional, full service audio and music recording studio in the Westbrook Maine – Portland Maine area. Owned and operated by Producer/Engineer Rowan Bishop, Garage Mahal Recording Studio covers all the bases for your recording to be the best it can be – both as a commercial product and as a testament to your craft and originality as an artist.

  • Pre-production

    Before recording starts, it’s a good idea to bring in an outside set of ears. Using knowledge gained from 30-plus years as musicians, we can help with song-tweaking and arrangements, forsee technical issues before they arise, and help define the goals and direction of the recording, while getting a feel for what makes you unique and original as an artist.

  • Recording

    This first step of the recording process is all about getting a great performance “on tape”. We pride ourselves in getting quality sounds at the source with minimal need for post-processing, leaving you to concentrate on your performance. Through clever studio design, we provide a flexible environment that is conducive to performing and creating.

  • Mixing

    All the recorded elements come together in a great mix. Working with our Midas analog mixing console, we add effects like EQ, reverb, and compression, as well as some creativity and musical common sense to bring your musical vision to life. The control room is acoustically treated for faithful sound that traslates to other systems, resulting in a finished mix with punch, clarity, and class.

  • Mastering

    Mastering is the last step before manufacturing. Songs are given a final tweak and sequenced, checked for errors, and encoded into a DDP file for submission to the CD manufacturer. At this point it’s best for a new set of ears with specialized training to step in. We have relationships with top-notch local mastering studios and can walk your recording through the process.

  • Manufacturing

    We provide cd manufacturing of the highest quality at a great price. We are partnered with Crooked Cove, New England’s top CD/DVD vendor. Crooked Cove handles manufacturing for many of the top local acts like The Rustic Overtones, Amy Allen and Comedian Bob Marley. Manufacturing and releasing a cd is often daunting, but Crooked Cove and Garage Mahal make the process as smooth as silk.

  • Promotion

    Now that your CD is done, how do you promote it? If you manufacture your cd through us, our Maine Media Package will help you get your CD into the hands of all major music media in southern Maine, both press and radio. Plus, you’ll get a 20 percent discount at CD Baby, the best way to physically and digitally distribute your music, and your gateway to iTunes and Amazon MP3.