Recording Instruction


Learning to record can be a daunting experience. Even if you know the basics, there are so many options these days that it’s easy to get bogged down. Yes there is YouTube, but even the best YouTube instruction is filled with info that doesn’t apply to you or your music.

Some studios offer recording seminars that take place at their large, commercial facility with a great sounding room and tons of fancy gear. While that’s nice, it isn’t a “real world” learning environment.

Here’s where I can help. I can teach you tried and true recording methods. Be it microphone placement, recording room arrangement, signal flow, or how to set up session files. Most importantly, services take place right in your recording space and are tailored to your setup and musical goals. You’ll get up and running faster than just trying to learn on your own.

Do you want to learn to record but are hitting a wall? Don’t hesitate to call or email to set up a chat about how I can help you reach your goals.

“Covered in Bees had such an amazing recording experience working with Rowan at Garage Mahal, we decided to record our new album with him. Great studio. Amazing production. Rowan was able to work at the Covered in Bees pace which is super fast punk rock break neck fast. His vibe is agreeable and supportive. I would recommend Rowan, his studio and his services to anyone who needs a great professional studio experience. I look forward to working with Rowan again in the future.”

Kevin ‘Boo’ Leavitt
Covered in Bees
Portland ME