Audio Recording

Here at Garage Mahal Recording I know how important it is to get it right at the beginning. A great recording starts with a great musical performance, and I am ready to capture your music at its best.

My credo is “if I can place a microphone on it then I can record it”, and to that end I have a well stocked mic locker. I also have 7 channels of DI and a range of guitar amplifiers. In short, I can cover any base that needs covering.

Call me old school if you want, but I still think recording tracks live on the floor is where the magic happens. I encourage people to play together in pursuit of a great take. With the main room, two booths and control room, I can accommodate a myriad of setups to achieve the best results.

Of course, layering tracks is also an option. These days many artists want to record the easy stuff in their home recording spaces, but due to limitations of space/gear/experience they want to bring their tracks to a professional studio like Garage Mahal for the hard parts like recording drums and mixing. We can certainly accommodate this and look forward to collaborating.

Need to record? Don’t hesitate to call or email to set up a studio tour and have a chat about the project.

“Thank you so much Rowan for the quick, thorough and polished service you provided! We were all so happy to play in your gorgeous studio space, and the work you helped us produce was truly the best example of our talents we could ask for. I’m happy to insist that all artists record with you, your rate was more than fair, and so worth the money. Now that I have my first EP from Garage Mahal Recording I feel liberated, professional, and unstoppable. Thank you for your expertise!”

Portland ME