My passion is your passion.
You want me to record your music.

Hi, I’m Rowan Bishop, and this is my recording studio, Garage Mahal Recording.

My purpose here at Garage Mahal is to hone and document what you do, and to turn your music into a great record for everyone to enjoy. I’m hear to listen, not just to your music but to you, what you feel your music needs and what you need from me. And then we go to work.

Garage Mahal Recording is patterned after great recording studios of old, like Sun Studios in Memphis, Fame Recording in Muscle Shoals, Reciprocal Recording in Seattle and Coyote Studios in Brooklyn. Like all of these classic recording studios, Garage Mahal creates impactful recordings.

Our services include:

– Recording –

A great recording starts with a great musical performance. We are ready to capture your music at its best, all in a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to creativity. My credo is “if I can place a microphone on it then I can record it.”

– Mixing –

After properly capturing a performance, mixing brings out the best in the tracks. Mixes can be simple with restrained application of EQ, compression and reverb, or elaborate endeavors filled with nuance. The choice is yours.

– Mastering –

Mastering is the final step in terms of turning a great recording into a great record. We work with the best local mastering engineer for this final stage of enhancing your recordings.

– Recording Studio Design –

Many people are building home recording spaces, but need some guidance to maximize their space. I can consult on room treatment and arrangement, gear purchasing and other technical aspects of the building process, all tailored to what you have to work with.

– Recording Instruction –

Many people are recording at home these days, trying to learn recording without professional guidance. I can teach you recording techniques that are specific to your recording goals.