Recording Studio Design

Are you not getting the results you want in your studio? Does the sound you get there not transfer well to other playback systems like your car or home stereo system? Or is recording in your space just not as efficient or easy as you think it could be?

Many people are choosing to lay down their tracks at home these days, but despite quality recording equipment being so affordable, they’re not getting the sounds they want. Often times, this is due to poor planning and studio design. A lack of room tuning is also a common culprit. Either way, it’s a recipe for disappointing recordings.

That’s where I come in. With my 20 plus years of studio experience I can assess your setup and make recommendations regarding how your studio is arranged, gear purchases, and workflow. With a bit of guidance and TLC, we can bring your recordings to the next level.

Of course, I’m also available to mix your tracks and bring out their best.

Is your studio coming up short and you don’t know why? Don’t hesitate to call or email me to set up a time to review your setup and talk about improving it.

“Rowan Bishop is a real pro all around, and my band mates and I had a great time recording our new album "Thrice As Strong" with him at Garage Mahal. The room itself is comfortable, making it easy to loosen up and get a natural sound, and Rowan himself was gracious and helpful from start to finish. He clearly respects the artists that he works with, and he offered suggestions for improvement without being pushy or overbearing at all. In addition, he went above and beyond when it came to mixing, making sure that we were entirely happy with the tracks before wrapping up the project. I highly recommend Rowan and Garage Mahal Recording for any band or performer looking for a great place to record.”

Ross Markonish
Portland ME