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About Garage Mahal Recording Studio


Even though this site keeps referring to "we", there's really just me, Rowan Bishop. I got my start in the recording studio biz back in the early 90's at the tail end of the analog audio days, after graduating from Center for the Media Arts in NYC with a degree in recording studio engineering. At the time, 24-track 2-inch decks ruled the roost and digital recording was limited to extremely expensive open-reel decks made by Sony and Mitsubishi (digital multitrack recorders using videotape like the Alesis ADAT and the Tascam DA88 were still a few years away). Pro Tools was a stereo audio editor called Sounddesigner II.

  • And worst of all, owning a professional recording studio was an investment to the tune of millions of dollars of equipment and leasing expensive commercial space in a large american city.

    Nowadays it’s all different. Those big recording studios are dead or dying, recording gear has never been more powerful and inexpensive, and a lot of musicians record themselves at home. Of course this sounds great and empowering, but the reality is that when you want to rise above the pack of the musical do-it-yourselfers, you need to step back to certain aspects of the old school recording studio model, and that’s where Garage Mahal Recording Studio comes in.

    Our main recording room has the size and tone to make your band sound like a BAND, not a bunch of separate recording sessions pieced together. Being recorded by a dedicated audio engineer frees you up to concentrate on yourself and your musical performance, and also provides you with an extra set of ears and an outside opinion.

  • The best way to record anyone is they way THEY like to do it and feel comfortable with. I’ll always offer opinions and suggestions, but otherwise the client sets the agenda. I’m also aware that with so many people recording themselves nowadays, there are recording techniques I have not heard of, and I’m not above implementing them. In fact, I’m always eager to collaborate with and learn from clients. Life a two way street.

    In short, Garage Mahal Recording Studio is here to help you realize your musical vision using both modern recording technology and old-school recording techniques, all in a flexible and familiar recording environment. We are located in Westbrook Maine in the Greater Portland Maine Area, and have local clients as well as recording projects coming from all over the country. Contact us now to discuss how we can bring your musical vision to life.