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Testimonials from our recording clients

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We have an ever-growing list of recording clients and enjoy every moment working with them. Nothing beats partnering with someone to see their recording and musical vision come to life. Below are some testimonials from clients about their experience recording with Garage Mahal Recording Studio.

Click the artist name below and to the the left to read their thoughts on recording at Garage Mahal Recording Studio.

  • “Recording at Garage Mahal with Rowan was a fantastic experience for us. He is not only an engineer with a great ear, he is also one of us; a musician, who understands the flip side of being in a recording studio. Super nice person too. We also were happy that he wasn’t just the guy pushing the buttons at a board, but he was also a producer, encouraging us to get the best take and offering the constructive criticism we needed to get there. AfterBlack will definitely work with Rowan again.”

    -Bernie (AfterBlack)

  • “We choose Garage Mahal for good reason. With Rowan you not only get absolute trust but he truly cares about every aspect of your project. From start to finish his high level of work consistently stays strong.”

    -John Hoerner (BedBugs)

  • “When it was time to lay down my vocal tracks at Garage Mahal Recording I was a bit nervous. Rowan was able to help me work thru the process with patience and give me positive and critical feedback in order to get the perfect take down. He is a great engineer and I would suggest him to any band or vocalist who wants to have a professional and great sounding recording produced.”

    -Melynda Amann (By Blood Alone)

  • “My experience at Garage Mahal can be described in one word, “AWESOME”! The owner and proprietor Rowan Bishop is both professional and laid back, my band and I never felt rushed which made for a pleasant recording conditions. If you’re looking for professional work at a fair price Garage Mahal is the place to be.”

    – ­Mike Sewell (Channels of Blessings)

  • “As a rookie recording artist I went into garage mahal with little knowledge and experience. Rowan went above and beyond, guiding me through the process patiently dealing with me while I learned the ins and outs. He was unbelievably kind and creative and after all was send and done we had created a great album. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking into recording music. The studio is beautiful and most of all the production was even better. I have already begun my second studio album! So for anyone looking to record this is the place to go! Rowan is a complete professional and takes the absolute highest pride in his work.”

    – Corland Richards

  • “Covered in Bees had such an amazing recording experience working with Rowan at Garage Mahal, we decided to record our new album with him. Great studio. Amazing production. Rowan was able to work at the Covered in Bees pace which is super fast punk rock break neck fast. His vibe is agreeable and supportive. I would recommend Rowan, his studio and his services to anyone who needs a great professional studio experience. I look forward to working with Rowan again in the future.”


-Kevin Boo Leavitt (Covered in Bees)

  • “Eastern Spell and I enjoyed our recording experience with you man. Your guidance, patience, willingness to try new things and overall management of the project made all the difference in the world. We had SO many obstacles to overcome (does the biggest snow storm in Portland’s history ring a bell?) and yet you remained very calm, flexible and knowledgeable. I truly think that your experience had a big part of getting us through it all and make what I think is a great record. You really came through on this dude.”

    -Eric Rancourt (Eastern Spell)

  • “We loved working with Rowan! It was easy, straight forward, and he makes everyone feel at home! We will definitely be back! Well worth the 4 hour drive for us!”

    – Jody Stender

  • “Without a doubt, the time spent working and recording at your place was the best experience I’ve ever had in a studio…I’ve I’ve been in a lot of studios (including mine). I wish every session I’ve ever done was as smooth and trouble free as this was. I felt relaxed and comfortable enough to experiment and create. The key factor that made this so enjoyable was that you took the tech out of the equation. The atmosphere you cultivated allowed me concentrate on the music and not on the ‘process’. Your flexibility was refreshing and the contributions (both sonic and creative) were valued and eagerly accepted. You truly know your profession and excel at it. I don’t know if I ever truly thanked you for what you provided. We’re doing it again…count on it! We have more work to do. Thanks, my friend.”

    -Logan Belle

  • “I highly recommend Rowan and Garage Mahal Recording. Rowan heard about some recordings that Loud Day did but weren’t going to release due to a severe lack of enthusiasm for them. He asked that I send him the tracks to see if he could change our minds and boy did he ever. We’re very happy with what came back and plan on releasing “The Worst Thing” as our next single. Thanks Rowan!”

    -Victor Campanile (Loud Day)

  • Rowan’s passion for engineering a high quality product is obvious. His knowledge and wisdom played a fantastic role in the outcome of our experience at Garage Mahal. I’d highly recommend this studio to any musician looking for a serious yet enjoyable recording experience.

    – Max Ater

  • Rowan Bishop is a real “pro” all around, and my band mates and I had a great time recording a track with him at Garage Mahal. The room itself is comfortable, making it easy to loosen up and get a natural sound, and Rowan himself was gracious and helpful from start to finish. He clearly respects the artists that he works with, and he offered suggestions for improvement without being pushy or overbearing at all. In addition, he went above and beyond when it came to mixing the track, making sure that we were entirely happy with the track before wrapping up the project. I highly recommend Rowan and Garage Mahal for any band or performer looking for a great place to record.

    – ­Ross Markonish (Ogre)

  • “My band, Sometimes It Burns, engaged in a DIY recording a few years ago and had major problems finding the right sound and mix which eventually led us to abandon the recording. Garage Mahal stepped in and took the time to professionally mix the album using our raw tracks that were extremely unorganized and produced a gem out of them. I will definitely work with Garage Mahal in the future and highly recommend their services.”

    -Jason St. Onge (Sometimes It Burns)

  • Very impressed with the mixes of the two new Stone Audio songs that were recorded in the last week or so. Rowan Bishop does some amazing work and his prices are very reasonable. I strongly urge all of my fellow musician friends to consider him for your next project.

    – Lucas Cates (Stone Audio)

  • “Going into the studio completely new to the experience, Rowan was extremely helpful and made the whole process smooth and easy. We had a great time recording with him and he did a fantastic job mixing our song. Thanks a bunch Rowan!”

    – The Oh My’s

  • “Rowan has a natural talent for bringing out key elements in the works of others, no matter what style or genre the music. He has the necessary artistic vision that many studio engineers lack. In the role of a producer he has an astute ability to analyze a body of work and recognize it’s perhaps not so obvious strengths and weaknesses – and develop them into a dynamic expression that ultimately realizes the material’s full potential.”

    -Joe Wilford (Trailside Rangers)

  • “Thank you so much for the quick, thorough and polished service you provided! We were all so happy to play in your gorgeous studio space, and the work you helped us produce was truly the best example of our talents we could ask for. I’m happy to insist that all artists record with you, your rate was more than fair, and so worth the money. Now that I have my first EP from Garage Mahal Recording I feel liberated, professional, and unstoppable. Thank you for your expertise!”

    -Olivia Crupi (Viva!)