Studio News

Hearback System is Installed

By Rowan Bishop

I’ve recorded in too many studios to recall, but one one thing i do recall about all of them was how often i did not care for my headphone mix. The old fashioned method in which the engineer (as opposed to the musicians themselves) has hands-on control of the headphone mix just doesn’t work. Sure, some engineers try to be very accommodating, but in the interest of getting the session rolling, I’ve often put up with a less than desirable mix, and performances may have suffered for it. I’m sure plenty of musicians can tell a similar tale.

That’s why Garage Mahal Recording has installed a Hearback System from Hear Technologies. This ingenious bit of hardware provides each musician with hands-on control over their own 8 channel mixer, and they can balance the instruments in their headphones any way they want. No more asking the engineer for more or less of something in the headphone mix. Signal for up to 8 individual mixers is carried digitally from the control room to the tracking room or booths over Cat-5 cable. It’s a godsend and I’m already hearing improved performances as a result. You can read more about it here:

The Hear Technologies Hearback System will improve your in-studio performance and is yet another reason to consider recording at Garage Mahal Recording. Contact us to discuss your session.